Wisata KULINER Jakarta/ FOOD Adventure: Sate PADANG, Kerang Saos Padang, Pasta Mie Mantab

By | March 6, 2016

For this culinary trip we did ourself a good job.

Rumah Kerang Kiloan / Kilogram Clam House is located at Jl. Mangga II Blok B No.32, Kebon Jeruk, Western Jakarta. Not only it has a nice seafood vendor that sells many kind of clams, shrimps, and fishes, the place also packed with a lot of different vendors selling incredible tasting food. Here are some of the food we did try:

1. Sate Padang Ajo Iyo / Padang Satay Ajo Iyo
This place is serving a traditional Western Sumatra dish which is Sate Padang/ Satay. Not only the meat , we can also order the ox lounge, heart, and also intestine. The sauce is full of spices, and the flavour is quite balanced, smoky and delicious.

2. Kerang Macan Saos Padang/ Tiger Clam with Padang sauce.
The clam is quite hard to find, and it is one of my favourite food item. The clam is boiled then stir fried with some delicious thick Padang sauce which is spicy, salty and full of spices. One of the best sauce on the planet.

3. Pasta IndoMie
Mie goreng / Indonesian instant fried noodle is one of those item everybody loves. This time Kedai Rpm decides to twist it. Cooked with creamy sauce and mozzarella cheese, the noodle is surprisingly tasty, also come with some sprinkle of dried oregano.

4. Pizza Indomie
A classic twist, cooked with egg and topped with can meat and sausages, cannot go wrong with this one, very crispy and nice to share with 2 or 3 people.

5. Baked Bread with Cream Cheese and Oreo AND Magnum Ice Cream. Not too sweet like other desserts. This creation is crispy on the edges and has some savoury flavour to it. Love all the detail it has with the home made cream cheese and also oreo. Magnum Ice cream only makes it better.

Over all the experience eating in this place is very nice. I recommend this place to try several different foods. Located near some big university also makes it quite packed.

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